Sunday, November 20, 2011

Starting Fresh...

Hello There! I have been gone from the blogging world for quite a while and finally decided that I would jump back in. There have been quite a bit of changes going on in the Merritt household and I feel like I'm finally able to catch my balance and breath with everything that has gone on. I'm excited to start blogging and updating everyone on our current and future adventures!

Let's start with my boys:
Iden - my handsome boy just turned 5! I can't even believe it. I told him that I would cry when he turns 5 so he then went and told everyone that I would be crying at his party. Come enjoy the party and cupcakes and my emotional mom crying! But yes, I did tear up while we sang Happy Birthday (very much like I did at his first birthday). He is amazing. He is showing that he will be a kind, compassionate boy. He's smart, witty, and funny. Full of energy and always wanting to please everyone. He loves his little brother with all of his heart and it shows in how he sings to him and plays with him. Please stop growing my sweet love!
Gage - our sweet little guy will already be one next month. Again, I can't believe it. He brings me and Phillip so much joy and is a wonderful child! We are truly blessed! Right now he has his two bottom front teeth with two top front teeth slowly coming in. Even through teething he is a champ and an overall happy child. He crawls like he is on a mission and is fast! He is taking more and more steps daily! I think that he tries to show off more when daddy is home. He is over eating baby food and just wants finger foods and to try what we are eating. He is curious and adventurous. He adores his big brother... follows him, watches him, laughs at him, looks for him, smiles for him. It is beyond anything I imagined to see brothers growing up together. Beautiful.

Baby bump?
God has blessed us with another munchkin on the way! We were not planning on more children for AT LEAST 5 years! But, God has other plans. I was surprised when I went to the doctor for other reasons to hear the words, "You're pregnant". Phillip is still getting over the shock! This baby has been completely different from the other two. I have been and continue to be horribly sick with morning sickness. I am absolutely exhausted. Haven't gained any weight thus far. My belly does seem different then it was with the boys. I am leaning more towards girl but trying not to get hopeful. In all honesty we would be happy with either a boy or a girl! If we have another boy then there may be adoption or one more try down the road. If it is a girl then we may just call it quits after her birth. We'll see, we find out December 12th so stay tuned! This sweet baby will be due May 2, 2012. I'm looking forward to having a baby during the spring time instead of fall/winter.

What else?
Phillip got a great new job! Praise God! He is in an electrician apprenticeship program (I'm so proud!). So far he is really enjoying it and learning so much. The hard part is that he has a crazy schedule which has been difficult for his body to adjust to. I honestly have no idea how he does it. I need sleep at the same time every night for at least 9 hours... and then maybe a nap! He is also gone quite a bit which took some getting used to, especially while I was battling morning sickness and chasing down two kids. I think we have finally gotten there. I am ready to get back into a better family routine for myself, my kids, my home and my sanity. I am going to start pushing myself to wake up earlier, tackle some routine with cleaning the house, meal planning, studying God's word, as well as being more intentional about my time with my children. I'm really looking forward to this and was so excited that I decided to begin blogging again. Instead of going to bed at a decent time I decided to sit here and type! Goodness.

Tomorrow is a new day and looking forward to starting it off right! :]

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mario & Luigi cookies

These cookies were made for our friends wedding. They will be favors for the guests. I made 100 cookies total!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last night Gage slept from 10:30pm - 7:00am. IT WAS AMAZING! I think he sensed that mama needed sleep just cause she's mama and daddy needed sleep after his first week of work. He's doing pretty great at sleeping at night, usually gives us at least 5 hours of straight sleep. Also, today we managed to get both boys down for nap AT THE SAME TIME! It was pretty awesome as well, I didn't know what to do with myself! So I napped too! :]

Friday, February 18, 2011

Having a second child is alot harder than what I expected.  I just thought things would be different... not neccesarily better or worse... just different. But it has definitely been hard. I've wanted to write my son's letters and take more pictures and write his birth story... but things have gotten in the way.
Breastfeeding, baths, story time, legos, cuddling, napping, coffee breaks, water breaks, cookie baking, coloring and having my arms occupied by a beautiful baby have gotten in the way... and I couldn't be happier.
Iden has been amazing. He is so proud to be a big brother. He is understanding and loving and simply proud. He wants to show everyone his baby brother and tell them all about him. It's so precious and beautiful. He loves to hold Gage. In the morning waking up Iden used to be difficult, he's much like his mama and loves sleep. Now I walk in there and ask if he wants to cuddle with his brother... His eyes open immediately and he scoots over to make room and gently holds his brother in his arms. He sings a song to him that he made up about how much he loves him. He gives him "kissing hands". He tells him that he will always protect him. I knew that he would be a great big brother but he has gone far beyond what I expected.
Phillip is so handsome when he holds our son. I never experienced those late night diaper changes and feedings with Iden's dad... it was just me. They were different moments. It was bonding between me and Iden. This time I see bonding between Gage and his father. Priceless. Gage smiles so big when Phillip changes his diaper. For the past 8 weeks Phillip has had so much strength and understanding helping me with the boys and helping me get thru post partum issues. He is so deeply in love with our boys. I couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my children. I fall in love with him more and more every day.
As for Gage, he is already 8 weeks old and I packed away all newborn size clothing. He doesn't look like a newborn anymore. He has already grown so much. He is strong just as I knew he would be. He has a strong grip and he has been holding his head up since he was about a week old. He is alert and has beautiful bright eyes. He loves this little family and we adore him. Last night Gage slept from 10:30pm - 5:30am... it was amazing! I love him so much.