Sunday, August 19, 2012

Iden: Your next Chapter

Oh, sweet love. Tomorrow is a big day for you and I don't think you really realize it. Kindergarten. And not the half day stuff that daddy and I did when we were kids... no, this is the big boy all day stuff.
You are taking a backpack and filling it with new things to learn and know. Things that I hope you'll be excited to run home and show me at the end of the day.
You are taking a lunch. I won't be there to hold your hand at lunch time and hear you thank God for your food and family. I won't be there to lecture you to focus on your food or tell you not to tilt your chair. But I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you and hear what you and your friends have to talk about at lunch time. Star wars and super heros will probably be main topics.
You are making new friends. Flashbacks are flooding me of fears that I had of school. Then I met Jordy and we were able to take on the world in Kindergarten. So many memories came from that friendship that was made by the swings. I'm excited to hear your stories of your friendships. To see them grow. To have the sleep overs and playdates begin. I don't know how I will be able to keep up.
I am kind of saddened that when you get a scraped knee or elbow that I won't be the one that is there to clean you up and kiss away the hurt.

This is the start to great things, Iden.

You are amazing.
You are smart.
You are strong.
You are brave.
You are unique, wonderful and everything that God created you to be.

I am forever proud of you.

I love you, sweet child.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

All About My DAD

By: Iden Age: 5

My Daddy’s name is: Phillip

My Dad is 50 years old.

His hair is brown and his eyes are green.

My Dad’s favorite food is Burrito’s.

Daddy’s favorite color is red

because that’s my favorite color.

My Dad’s job is lights or scaffold’s.

He loves to eat at Chinese restaurants.

He’s smart because he knows math.

My Dad works hard at his job.

Daddy always tells me “I love you”.

I’m happy when Daddy helps me color and plays with me.

I love my Daddy because he works so hard at our house and at work.

Happy Father’s Day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Gage,

Oh sweet boy. You are my little wild man. You are my adventurer. Fearless. Looking to always get off the couch in the hardest, most dangerous way possible. I love that God made you this way. You truly are one of a kind and all boy. The other day we went to a party at the park... you, little mister (not even a year and a half yet), were trying to keep up with big brother... who also was trying to keep up with the big boys. It fills my heart with so much joy to see you running through the grass trying to catch big brother... wanting the big boys to toss you the ball. Seeing you laugh and smile while you, little one, are the center of attention. Not too long later, you left the fun with the big boys. You found a spot in the sand to play by yourself. I hope that as you grow older you will always remember to find this time to rest and pray and be alone with God. I hope that despite the attention, the fun, the adventure, the spotlights... you will take a moment to rest and focus on your amazing creator who made you 'all boy'.

Today we had our first big moment of discipline. Breaks my heart thinking back and seeing your tears. Your little brother Knox was in the baby swing. You love your brother so very much. But, you also love this swing. It has become a favorite spot for you to sit with your blankie. You have pretty much claimed it yours.
While mommy and daddy were cleaning, you decided to pick up and move brother out of YOUR swing. Well, maybe you were trying to pick him up to hug him.. yeah, we'll go with that. Regardless, baby Knox ended up on the floor and you ended up in tears. Of course, Knox is fine. We gave him a little snuggle and he was back in the swing. You spent some time in timeout on the couch and were back to playing in no time. You are my little pleaser. You can't stand when we tell you 'no'. You burst into tears and the world comes to an end. Goodness I love you.

Love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Knox

Dear Knox,

I've been writing alot of letters to you. The problem is that I never get to pen and paper or to the glow of the computer screen to write them down. These letters are all in my head. They are written throughout the day... when your brothers are loving on you, when you are sleeping, when you are crying, when I am snuggling you, when we lay down to nap, when I change you, when I bathe you, when I nurse you.

The letters are about so many things. Moments that I want to remember. Experiences that I hope you have. Prayers that I pray over you. But they all come down to how much I absolutely love and adore you. You aren't even 2 weeks old yet, but I am so proud to be your mama.

I love your blonde hair and what looks like eyes that will be a beautiful shade of blue. Did you know you got this from your grandpa's? I think that is amazing. I love your hands that already are full of strength. And your tiny feet. I pray that they will be the hands and feet of Jesus and that you will bless many.

I am so excited to watch you grow. To see you build a friendship with your brothers. To see you build a relationship with Jesus. To continue to hold and rock you. To sing to you. I am excited to be your mama. I love you so much sweet boy.

Your Mama

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The last time

Here I am, 38 weeks pregnant and wanting so desperately to not be pregnant anymore.

I love being pregnant, I really do.

I adore almost every moment of it: The expanding belly, the kicks and pushes, the little hiccups, the cravings, the love from my hubby and sweet boys.

Regardless of all these amazing moments, I want this baby out. I want him out so badly that I have actually been trying to force labor this time around. I have tried eating a super spicy bowl of green chili stew several times, minor contractions then nothing. I've walked quite a bit, minor contractions and horrible lower back pain then nothing. I have tried pumping which I have heard from a few people works... not for me. Tried a few times, minor contractions then nothing. Lastly, Phillip and I tried what got us into this baby mess in the first place ;) and of course minor (but stronger) contractions, then nothing.

I want this baby out for selfish reasons. My body is hurting horribly, I have backpain that I have never felt before and sometimes it makes me want to cry. I am tired all the time. This isn't great when you already have 2 boys and the days are beautiful. They want to play outside and I just want to lay in bed or on the couch. I'm cranky and taking it out on my husband and little men. No fun. I want to lose this baby weight already!

This morning, I woke up frustrated. I didn't want my husband to go to work. I wanted the both of us to be heading to the hospital, ready to go thru this bittersweet experience one last time. Then it hit me... this is the last time. The last time for so many things.

The last time... that we will be a family of 4.
The last time... Gage will be the baby.
The last time... I will be pregnant.
The last time... I will experience labor and snuggling a newborn.
The last time... that I will feel these kicks and pushes.
The last time... that my body will ever have 2 heartbeats inside it at one time.
The last time... my husband will kiss my belly to show love to a sweet child.
The last time... I can set Gage on top of my belly and not on my hip.
The last time... that Iden will snuggle on my belly for a pillow while watching tv.
The last time... that I will be able to sleep thru the night for a while!

The last time... that I will try to make something happen in my timing instead of God's time.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

I am a worrier, I overthink everything, I long to have control of any and all situations, I want things to happen the way that I hope and dream them to. All of my reasons for wanting Knox to be born now point only to me. I am selfish. I need my baby to grow, to develop his organs, to be strong. I need to be thankful for these last moments that God is giving me with Phillip, Iden and Gage. I need to pray for the changes that are to come and how this new baby will affect our family. I just need to stop complaining and be thankful.

Today, friends, I hope you are able to put your stress, worries, anxious thoughts aside and remember that God has great plans for you. Too many times I want things to happen in my planning and timing.. but when I wait on the Lord it comes out so much sweeter and so perfect. To him be the glory.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby #3 has a name... it is...

Phillip had a "Pamper Party" on Friday. So much fun! I love seeing my husband spend time and laugh with his friends. He has some pretty awesome friends. They blessed us with tons of diapers and wipes for our new little addition.
Towards the end of the party a few began asking questions about our little ones name... Phillip and I originally wanted to keep it quiet until his arrival. We did not want to hear other peoples views on it, hear how weird it is, how he would be made fun of... blah blah blah. But ultimately I'm not liking calling him "him", "he", or "baby". I want to say his name to our friends and family.
So they began guessing. The first clues were: 4 letters (because we have Iden and Gage we wanted to stick with that) and also that it is unique. The guesses started coming. Then I gave them another... It starts with a 'K'. So they began guessing Kody, Kale, Kyle, and some other very random names. It was fun. So we came to one more hint: the 'K' is silent. Many of them came very close! But one had the lightbulb idea to ask Iden what Baby brother's name will be and he of course blurted it out instantly. Don't trust a 5 year old with a secret! 
So here it is friends, Baby Boy #3 will be named:

Knox Michael Merritt


Friday, March 30, 2012

Do you have time to... cuddle?

I had a reality check this morning. Seems to happen consistently in the morning. Maybe it is because I feel my best that early in the morning. I have usually read my bible, prayed with my husband, prayed by myself and I've usually had coffee and breakfast.
This morning I had only gotten in the prayer time with my husband when I had this morning time wake up call.

5:30 am. Early to some, this is normal for us. I should be sitting down to breakfast, coffee and an open bible but my husband is still rushing to grab everything and head out the door. Iden (our 5 year old), loves for daddy to say goodbye before he leaves for work... this morning he heard daddy heading for the door and came out of his room for his hug.

No big deal.

Then Phillip accidently spilled some coffee on the counter ledge and his lunch box while bending over for the morning squeeze.
He reacted and got frustrated.

Iden asked if he could stay out in the living room and sleep on the couch. We both quickly said, "no, it's too early, get back in bed." I can see the hurt as Iden heads back to his room. He wants something more than just sleeping on the couch.

Phillip is out the door, I am heading to Iden's room.

There he is, I can see his sweet face in the glow of his nightlight. He is snuggled up under his covers. Then he sees me and quietly whispers words that open my eyes...

"Mommy, do you have time to cuddle?"

What? Do I have time? Does my child really have to ask me if I have time for that? Does he need to ask for time to hug, kiss, cuddle, sit... really anything from me?

When did I get so busy with the simple things around the house (cleaning, laundry, picking up, making meals, changing diapers) that I have run out of time for my little men? To just be there to love on them when they crave it, to listen, to laugh, to teach, to learn? I am missing so many moments because I CLAIM to be so busy?

I want to be more intentional. I really want to pursue that. I want to hug more, and be frustrated less. I want to see them the way God does. OPEN MY EYES!

I immediately hopped into bed with him and scooped him close to me (difficult with the massive belly). What a moment that was. Flashes from the past almost 6 years started flowing through my mind. He falls asleep and begins to breath heavy in my arms. Soak this in. Remember this moment. Be filled with thanks and joy. This boy is now so big and tall and is constantly growing... I don't want him to grow in a direction away from me.

I want him to know that I am here.
My arms are open and so is my heart.
Mommy shouldn't always be angry and tired.
Mommy loves you so much sweet boy.

Thankful for starting the morning, before coffee and breakfast, with my sweet and compassionate son. That this morning he still wants to snuggle with his mama... one day he won't and my heart will break.

Go cuddle your sweet munchkins while you can.
Show them you love them.
Be thankful for those moments.
Don't let them slip by as routine.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have a journal.
There is nothing written in it.
I've had it for a few weeks.

The purpose of this journal was for me to intentionally seek out things to be thankful for in our everyday crazy home. I got it on clearance at Target but it has some of my favorite colors and is an adorable pattern. Makes me happy :]
So why is it empty?
Because I'm looking for the right moment. I'm waiting for the right day.
Have you ever done this? I've done it alot.
I'll start working out on the first of the month.
I'll start reading my bible on Sunday.
I'll start eating right at the new year.
I'll have a better attitude in the morning.
I'll drink more water tomorrow.
I'll stop eating so many Girl Scout Cookies after this box.

We want the fresh start at the beginning. At least I do. So at first I decided to wait until a Sunday because that was the start of the week. Then, I wanted to follow the Joy Dare exactly... but I couldn't find things on that day that matched right... so I waited until the next day. Then, I wanted for my first note of thankfulness to be something written beautifully and something amazing. It wasn't happening that day. Excuses. Set backs. Expectations. I am missing everything around me.

It hit me this morning as I was laying clothes out on my bed to hang up... I'm passing by so many moments of gratitude because I'm wanting some poetic, beautiful moment to begin. Why?
I don't need to start fresh at the beginning of the day/week/month/year.
I don't need to begin with the most beautiful moment to give thanks.

Begin where you are. Life is messy. I am a mess. God called me as I am.
I don't want my expectations to lose sight of the things that I am thankful for. The things that I could be passing by seeing them as mess, as routine, as small. So this morning I looked around and found so many little things that made me smile, filled me with joy, made me laugh... that I am so thankful to God for opening my eyes to.

~ The mess of DVD's that Gage proudly pulled out of the basket.
~ Iden's super hero's on the floor, I can hear his imagination and play.
~ Dishes in the sink, thankful for the food that God provided to make them that way.
~ Little socks laying on the floor in my room.
~ The chairs that my children sit in at the table to hold hands and pray over meals.
~ Sweet baby, stretching out my skin and leaving marks for me to remember these months.
~ Kisses from my husband.
~ The sun shining through the windows.

God, open my eyes to see. To see the small and the great moments. The beautiful and the messy. Help me to soak it all in, to be filled with gratitude.

The day is starting. My journal is no longer empty and I am ready to seek God's blessings.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm up later than usual tonight. The day was filled with craziness. But family is in town and that has been great. I got to spend some sweet, long overdue time with my teenage cousin. I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. She is one smart cookie! It was awesome seeing her play with Iden & Gage, they adore her now!

This past Thursday night Iden was complaining of his belly hurting. Honestly, Phillip and I didn't think twice about it because this little boy "cries wolf" constantly. So we ignored it, put him to bed and we got into bed. Less than 2 hours later Iden threw up all over himself and his bed. Poor guy. When this guy gets sick it is mainly respiratory issues, never stomach. He hasn't thrown up since we first moved into this house (almost 3 years ago) and that was because he ate a ball of the cookie dough for peanut butter cookies that was sitting on the counter waiting to go in the oven.
I was worried. His baptism was coming up and I was worried we would have to cancel. I had this stomach bug almost 2 weeks ago and it lasted a few days for me. But, my little guy is resilient. He was fine the next morning! Praise God!
Now we have another issue. Today around 6, Phillip told me that he was starting to feel nauseous. He has steadily been feeling worse throughout the night. He even turned down chicken noodle soup! This man of mine never says no to a meal! So, now I am praying like crazy that this sickness leaves my husbands body so he can baptize our sweet boy tomorrow. Phillip is determined to baptize Iden, we will not let the devil get in the way of Iden wanting to serve God!
Please pray with me for Phillip to feel better and for a wonderful day of celebrating tomorrow! I can't wait to post pictures and write about it, I am one proud and joyful mama!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, life is just crazy. I planned on doing the Joy Dare and keeping track of the many little and amazing things that God has blessed me with. Then I got sick and was lethargic and in bed for almost an entire week. I didn't write anything down, I didn't take any pictures (I also wanted to start doing a picture a day). But, I was able to rest thanks to my wonderful hubby. I was able to still read my daily bible reading... or have it read to me thanks to my Kindle Fire.

I keep saying that I want to blog more. I am actually going to schedule times and days for me to get this done. Sounds crazy but I think I need time to write, vent, show thankfulness, share about my family and maybe even brag/share about the craftsy and organizing things that I'm doing. Tuesday I think (it might change) will be for updates and Thankfulness. Thankful Tuesdays? Yeah, I'm feeling it.

Well, I already told you about the goodness of God in providing for us financially in a time that we really, REALLY needed it. He is so good. Well, he is continuing to show his goodness and provide for us in the process of searching for a new family vehicle. Currently we have a little Honda Civic. We love it. It worked for us when we were a family of 4 and only needing to load up 2 kids in 2 carseats. But now, very soon, we will have 3 little men in 3 carseats. Woah! That wouldn't fit in the Civic. We knew we needed another vehicle before our smallest guy gets here.

We prayed that God would provide the finances. He did. He is so good. Now we were praying that God would provide the right vehicle at the right amount. He is doing that. I posted a quick status on Facebook about needing a mini-van under $5,000 if anyone knows of good deals let me know. Within minutes a great friend replied that they are needing to sell their van to get something bigger. All of the details are falling into place and I truly know that it is God working to provide and show us that we are not forgotten. We are so very thankful for this family that is in our lives and the right circumstances at the right time.

Those are some big things that I am thankful for... I need to be thankful for the little things as well.

* My children. Goodness they are so beautiful.
* Prayer with my husband in the morning. It feels my heart with so much joy.
* Coffee. Man, 4:30/5:00 sometimes comes too early.
* Little kicks from a little baby. We have decided on a name and I cannot wait to hold him.
* Less than 7 weeks left to enjoy pregnancy. Praise God this baby is coming soon!

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Goodness of God.

I just need to express that God is so good.

I am very much a person that worries and will stress about any and every little detail of everything. Giving things to the Lord, trusting that he will provide, that he will help me and my family... that he will satisfy all of our needs... well, that has not come easy for me. I want to hold tight to my problems and worries and see that they are taken care of, that they are remembered and dealt with in MY time. But I have been learning.

My husband and I have another sweet son on the way very soon (about 8 weeks left soon!). With having a third child we realized that we needed a new car, a bigger car. I am a stay at home mama and currently my amazing hardworking hubby doesn't make as much as he'd like. We had no idea how we would be able to afford a mini-van. But God is good and he had a plan to provide for us.

Our plan became that we would use whatever money we receive from our tax returns to buy a new car. We were unsure how the taxes would look due to this being the first year that we are filing without me working, also, my husband received unemployment benefits and was out of work on and off. We were uncertain how much would be there.

Then the unexpected happened. Our main reliable car that gets us from A to B, well, that broke down. Something within the engine that would ultimately cost us close to $2000 to repair. We didn't have that much money lying around so onto the credit card we went. How are we going to afford the mini-van now?! Regardless, we needed to trust. We needed to have faith that God is our help and our provider. He will satisfy this need.

The day finally came that we were able to go in and get our taxes done. Nervous and worried as well as anxious. The tax preparer finally shows us how much we'll get from Federal. I can't speak. Plus, the amount from state. Don't cry, Becky. Don't cry. God you are so good. I look at my husband and can tell he has the same emotions going through him as well. God you went beyond what we expected.

Ultimately, due to God's goodness and grace we should have enough to buy a mini-van for our family, fix another car that we own (then sell it), then pay off one of our credit cards, and possibly have enough to place into savings. We were floored and knew that this would not have happened without God's willingness to provide after we had the willingness to trust in him. Thank you Jesus!

I love when something amazing happens and then you are able to have conversations that directly reflect that. I go to an amazing Mommy Bible Study group and today we talked about having a spirit of gratitude. Some days I feel that I am doing much better with this. Then there are other days where I am bitter that my great family is not blessed in the ways that I want us to be blessed! (I'm ridiculous I know). But I am going to take the Joy Dare that is on Ann Voskamp's website and begin recording the things that I am thankful for that the Lord was gracious enough to place into my life.

Here is the link to the March Joy Dare:

Among all of those moments I love what happened when we left the tax place and got into the car. My husband and I looked at eachother, reached for eachothers hands and together prayed and thanked God for providing and going above and beyond what we could have expected. I cried too. During this moment our 5 year old is sitting in the backseat witnessing it all. Over dinner I explained to him that God did something really great for our family. We need to thank our God because every good and perfect gift comes from him. I love moments that I can teach Iden about the character of God. That God loves and provides.

Today I am so thankful. <3

Sunday, February 26, 2012

25 Questions with my 5 year old...

I've been thinking lately that I've not been doing the best I could at documenting my children's lives. Mainly the things that they say and do. I'm pretty good at snapping pictures with my phone (not so much with my actual camera). But when it comes down to the funny things that show us their personality and character (or the sweet things, the frustrating moments) I have not been documenting ANY of it. And there are definitely moments that I wish I could go back and remember.
I decided to find some questions to ask Iden so that I could remember some of who he is and what he likes right now. I'm going to try to remember to do this for the boys at birthdays or beginning of the year.

Here are 25 Questions that I asked Iden (age 5) and his answers verbatim.

1. What makes you happy?
     That I have a brother, and this next brother too.

2. What makes you sad?
     When I have to clean my room.

3. What makes you laugh?
     Things that are silly.

4. What is your favorite thing to do?
     You know that already... Ratchet and Clank! And playing games.

5. What are you really good at?
     Being good.

6. What are you not very good at?
     Cleaning up my room.

7. What is your favorite food?
     Ummm... turkey and ham... just kidding! Tacos and pizza!

8. What's your favorite color?
     Red is pretty cool.

9. What's your favorite place to go?
     To the park.

10. Who are your best friends?
      Kalie... just Kalie.

11. What is your favorite movie? TV show?
        Puss in Boots and Wild Kratts

12. What are your favorite books?
       My bedtime book and Skippyjonjones

13. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
       Black Panther because I like him and he has those things that shoot out of his hands.

14. What does Mommy do when you're not around?
       Make cookies and cake.

15. What do you do when Mommy isn't around?
       Sometimes I am in trouble and sometimes I'm not.

16. What's something Mommy always tells you?
       To stop throwing the balls at Gage.

17. What is something you and Mommy do together?
       We play Legos.

18. What is something about you and Mommy that is the same?
       Our hair.

19. What is something about  you and Mommy that is different?
       That your hair is long lie this and mine is short like this.

20. How do you know that Mommy loves you?
      Because you tell me that God loves me forever.

21. Who are your favorite people?
      All the kids... just all of them.

22. What is your favorite toy?
       My leappad and also that Transformer.

23. What do you want to do when you grow up?
      Save the World.

24. What is your favorite thing about Jesus?
      That he loves me.

25. What is your favorite thing about Mommy and Daddy?
      That you love me.

I searched Pinterest for the questions which most of them came from this blog: Hey, ho, KellyGO

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blueberry Baked French Toast

You know how Pinterest is... you see all these beautifully taken pictures of things that you want to eat or make and you repin them thinking you'll make them soon... but then you don't. All of those food pictures sit there for you to drool over and dream about how amazing your sure it tastes. I am determined to make more of what I pin. Whether it's meals, desserts, snacks, crafts, ways to organize, etc. I will do something!
So on the subject of pinterest and drool... I found this yummy looking French Toast. I love breakfast food. Even more I love breakfast foods that are sweet and have some type of tasty syrup or icing.
So this recipe comes from Chef-In-Training. I haven't had a chance to really look at her site but seriously the pics on the side look tempting and delicious! Bookmarked! The original recipe does call for it to be prepared and refrigerated and cooked overnight. I would have known and done this if there wasn't a cell tower down and internet down in my area Saturday night! So come Sunday morning we had to compromise and hope it worked when it was prepared and placed in the oven immediately. Oh my, it is good!

This is a perfect Sunday brunch meal. It is quick to prepare just remember the cook time! My hubby and both boys loved it. Iden especially loved the blueberries :]. If you're thinking about skipping the sauce and using your own store bought syrup... please don't! It is delicious and compliments it well!

Blueberry Baked French Toast
Adapted from: Chef-In-Training

French Toast:
1 loaf of French Bread cut into cubes
1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese cut into cubes
1 cup frozen blueberries
12 large eggs
1/3 cup maple syrup
2 cups whole milk
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp nutmeg

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 TBSP cornstarch
1 cup frozen blueberries
2 TBSP butter

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Slice up your French Bread and arrange half of it in a greased 9 x 13 pan

2. Cut up your cream cheese. Sprinkle cream cheese and blueberries over the bread in the pan.

3. Top with remaining bread cubes.

4. In a large bowl; Mix together eggs, milk, syrup, vanilla, cinnamon & nutmeg.

5. Pour egg mixture evenly over bread. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and bake for another 30 minutes (or until tops look golden). Top with syrup and enjoy!

Sauce: In a saucepan, cook water, sugar and cornstarch until thickened. Add blueberries and butter, allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Pour over French Toast and Enjoy!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cheesy Egg Puffs

One way that I am trying to be a better mother and wife is in the kitchen. I tend to cook the same few things every week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My kids are not picky eaters, I love that about them! My kids will try anything I place in front of them... so why am I making boxed mac and cheese again? Because it's easy... because I know I can make it... because I get scared when I see a new recipe!

This needs to change. I need to change. For myself and my kids. I want variety. I want healthy. I want to make my family feel love and joy in the meals that I make. So... here come some recipes! In advance, I'm not a great photographer and most photo's are taken with my phone.

Cheesy Egg Puffs
Makes 4 servings
Adapted from Deceptively Delicious

2 whole eggs
4 egg whites
2 TBS Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
3/4 C cauliflower puree
1/4 C shredded Cheddar Cheese

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Coat 4 ramekins or coffee cups with cooking spray and set on a baking sheet. (I prefer using ramekins... probably because I love my orange ones so much!)

2. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, egg whites, cauliflower puree, cheese, flour, baking powder, salt and pepper. Pour the mixture evenly into 4 ramekins. Top with extra cheese (my family loves cheese).

3. Bake for 20 minutes or until the eggs are puffed up. 

These are so light and yummy. I have a 5 year old and a 1 year old and both of them loved this! They will be really hot so allow to cool for a bit. I took the egg out of the ramekins for my boys and sliced them up to help them cool faster. Let me know if you try this and what you think!
My oldest son, Iden, goes to an awesome pre-school. He began going here because he had/has a speech delay. I love the teachers so much. I love the things that he learns. I love the small classroom size. I love the 3-4 hours I get at home of not needing to tell Iden where the bad guys are and that he needs to fight them. A very cool thing about his school is that they have special event nights every month or so. We hadn't gone to many the past few years but I'm glad we went last night! We had a blast!

Iden's teachers won a grant that gave each child in their Phonological program a FREE pair of TOMS! I was really excited about that. The kids even got to pick out what color they wanted. Iden chose Red. So, last night they had a 'ONE FOR ONE' night. They provided dinner: Pizza from Little Ceasars and salad, showed the TOMS documentary, the kids sang some songs, they read stories and did some fun crafts! It was a great way to end our week!

Iden decorated his TOMS with googly eyes, buttons, glue, fabric markers.

Super cool idea... but I'm glad he did this to shoes we didn't pay for LOL

We made a guitar out of rubber bands and a shoe box.
Gage LOVED it!!
Seriously, go do this to entertain your baby!
Oh, by the way I got a haircut. Hi bangs!

Another shot of Iden decorating his shoes :]

Making a sock puppet.
He got upset with us when we tried telling him how to do it.
So it's not your traditional sock puppet.

So proud of his creation!

I love that we are able to soak up memories like this. I want to be more craftsy with the boys at home. Finger painting, creating things... I want them to remember these things about their childhood. I need to make more time for them. I was convicted the other day with the thought that too often during the day when Iden asks to do something with me... play candyland, build legos, watch a movie, play super heros... my response is, "Not now honey, Mama needs to clean the house/Mama is too tired/ you need to clean your mess." Who have I become?! This is not the mama that I wanted to be. Then I think about how I would feel with that response from anyone... from my husband, my kids, a friend, from my God.

I need to make time for these precious moments.

The dishes can wait.
The laundry can be folded and put away later.
The mess on the table can wait.
Their mess can wait.
Facebook can wait.
Email can wait.
Blogging can wait.
Pinterest can wait.
My favorite show can wait.

But my children can't. They need the love. The attention. The joy. The laughter. They need these moments as much as I do.
Excuse me while I go play superheroes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yesterday was a hard day. I feel like I was in a bit of a funk because I knew what was going to happen. We had set the appointment to send our old mutt to "Doggy Heaven". A few months ago we started to really see old age and sickness set in. I took him to the vet after a few doggy accidents, days of not eating and another eye infection. They did some blood work at that time and said that he was in the middle stages of kidney failure. We were told it could progress quickly and he could be with us anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks to a few months. Part of me tried to prepare myself for that... but I kind of jokingly said to myself that he'll stay around for a few more years just to spite my husband.
At that time my son Iden asked some questions about what the "doggy doctor" was doing to Fred, if he was ok, etc. In alot of areas I want to be honest with my son, teach him lessons and not sugar coat the truth (In alot of areas, not all areas. We do try to protect him from alot!). So I did explain that the body parts inside Fred weren't working the way they are supposed to. He might be with us for a little while and all we can do is love on Fred and pray for him. He took that pretty well and became Fred's personal prayer warrior. We prayed for that dog at every meal and at bedtime.
The weeks went by and Fred had his good days and his bad ones. It was turning into more bad days then good. He would often go some days without eating. He was slimming down quick. Then it turned into accidents. Everywhere. Chasing two kids and cleaning up doggy accidents while pregnant is frustrating! Then he had accidents in his bed while sleeping. I knew then that I needed to call and make an appointment but I kept thinking about his good days and hoping that he'd do better. Then I noticed that he was having a hard time getting comfortable when he was trying to lay down, having a hard time getting up, having a hard time moving around in general. Fred also started having tremors in his legs. Lastly, he had accidents while he was eating his food. I knew that it was time.
I didn't tell Iden that Fred needed to go to some farm where he could run and play and get healthy. I told him that we were taking Fred to the vet and that she was going to give Fred something that would make him fall asleep and then wake up in "Doggy Heaven".
I said, "Iden, who do you think is the first person that we will see when we get to heaven?"
Iden: "We will see Jesus!"
Me: "Yes, so who will Fred see first?"
Iden: "He's going to see Jesus first."
Me: "Yes, and now Fred will belong to God and Jesus. They will give him a new doggy body and he won't hurt anymore. He won't have yuckies in his eyes anymore either."
Iden: "I think he'll get doggy wings because he's been a good dog. He's gonna be with us all the time now mom, watching over us."

I like to think that I'll see my dog in heaven one day. I had him for almost 16 years. I remember the fuzzball that he was as a little puppy. In a way he was alot like that dog in the movie "Marley & Me". He would try to run out of the house any chance he could. He would howl and bark. He did not get along with other dogs... he was a smaller dog but thought that he could take on a lab. He would go running with me in high school but it was more like flying a kite because he would be everywhere. He was there for me thru the breakups of bad boyfriends and hard times. He was mad when I brought home my first baby. He did not like Iden at first and did not like the tight hugs Iden would give him... he quickly had to get over that. He moved with us 3 times. He made our neighbors hate us because of his whining and howling. He ended his days getting pet and loved on by both Iden and Gage.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rise Up!

It is already 7:00 in the morning when I begin writting this and I am feeling really great this morning. I began the Hello Mornings Challange today and so far I am off to a great start. So far I have made breakfast for myself and my husband, made him a lunch, got a 2 loads of laundry done or going, and I did my morning bible study. The Challange comes from Inspired to Action and it is to motivate women to do wake up early to do three things: Study God's word, Exercise, Plan. God has been pulling at my heart for so long that I need to be a morning person. This is for me. I can't do this alone but with HIM.
I have never been a morning person but oh how I long to be. I have never been great at being consistent with studying God's word but I want to. I want to exercise. I want to plan my day, my children's days, our meals.

I want to be intentional.

That is what it comes down to. I want to be more and do more. Not for myself. I want to be more and do more for my God because that is what He has called me to do.
I want to be a better wife.
I want to be a better Christian woman.
I want to be a better mother.
I want to be in better shape (after baby of course).
I want to be healthy.
I want my children to be healthy.
I want to have purpose and fulfillment in my days.

It is the new year and many people have made resolutions (I'm sure many have already ended their resolutions). I did not make any. Partially because there are so many things that I want to change daily or monthly. I have goals that I have not written down but need to. Yesterday in church our pastor said something that has stayed on my heart:
"Setting a goal to make a name for ourselves does not impress God."

I want to look at my goals and determine if it is truly just for me or is it ultimately for the glory of God. I want to impress God. I want to do something more with myself even though in this season of my life I am only a stay at home mother and wife. God change me, use me!

I'm looking forward to the changes that will be coming.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yummy Tummy Smoothie

My game plan this morning was to make some yummy and healthy muffins. I didn't read the recipe last night and I didn't wake up early enough this morning to get it started. The oats for the muffins needed to soak in milk for 1 hour. The boys were already up and hungry! Think fast mom! I am trying hard to add more healthy choices into our meals throughout the day and also more variety (there is only so much oatmeal and cereal a woman and two boys can take). So I looked at Iden and said, "smootie?" His eyes lit up and he shouted while jumping in the air with his fist up "YEAH!". Man I love his enthusiasm!

I tried looking on pinterest for a smoothie recipe and couldn't find anything I liked or anything that I had everything on hand of. I looked on my favorite cooking/baking sites and the same thing. So we created our own and Iden gave it the name: "Yummy Tummy Smoothie!"... because it is yummy in his tummy DUH!

Yummy Tummy Smoothie
Makes enough for a hungry preggo mama, a 5 year old and a little for a 1 year old.

1 cup milk
2 TBS yogurt (we used Strawberry yogurt)
1 TBS honey
2 TBS protein powder (vanilla flavored) (optional)
1 banana
1/2 apple
1 cup strawberries
2 handfuls of spinach
1 cup ice

Blend it up and enjoy! Both of my little men enjoyed it so much I had to give them some of my portion.

What are your favorite types of smoothies? I'm thinking about making more to give me and these little men more fruits and veggies!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Right Now...

There are toys covering the living room.
A high chair that needs to be cleaned.
Dishes that need to be taken out of the dishwasher.
Dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher.
Little shoes that need to be put away.

There are hiccups going on inside me.
Two sweet boys sleeping.
An old pup curled by my feet.
Books and blogs to read on my kindle.

Today I laughed with Iden over his silly joke that he remembered:
"Mom, why do chickens sit on their eggs?"
"I don't know Iden, why?"
"Because they don't have chairs!!"
I can still picture him laughing. His eyes get squinty and he tilts his head back.
Gage was sitting in the highchair trying to imitate Iden by making a silly face.
I am so in love with my children.

Today I didn't just carry Gage as we took Iden to class.
I let him walk. He grasped a few of my fingers in his tiny hand.
He held on to me so tight.
And he looked around. Curious as can be.
He watched for big brother.
He watched the little girl putting her stuffed puppy down the slide.
He watched the little boys chasing each other.
He was cautious.
He looked up at me and I smiled down at him.
He smiled back then took off toward the playset.
Iden was there with open arms to guide him and protect him.
I am so in love with my children.

At the end of today I was and am feeling like a failure. I yelled at Iden. My house is not as clean as I want it to be. Dinner did not come out the way I wanted it to. I'm up later than I want to be.

Before I laid Iden down to sleep I said, "Iden, I love you. Even tho I get mad and yell, I love you. There isn't anything that you could ever do that will ever make me stop loving you. Sometimes we have bad days, but we start over in the morning. I love you."
I could tell by looking in his eyes that he heard me. That he believes me. "I love you too mom". Music to my heart. God is so much greater than our bad days, our crummy days, our emotional/hormonal days. God, help me to put this day behind me and start fresh in the morning. Help me to be a better mommy and wife daily.