Friday, March 2, 2012

The Goodness of God.

I just need to express that God is so good.

I am very much a person that worries and will stress about any and every little detail of everything. Giving things to the Lord, trusting that he will provide, that he will help me and my family... that he will satisfy all of our needs... well, that has not come easy for me. I want to hold tight to my problems and worries and see that they are taken care of, that they are remembered and dealt with in MY time. But I have been learning.

My husband and I have another sweet son on the way very soon (about 8 weeks left soon!). With having a third child we realized that we needed a new car, a bigger car. I am a stay at home mama and currently my amazing hardworking hubby doesn't make as much as he'd like. We had no idea how we would be able to afford a mini-van. But God is good and he had a plan to provide for us.

Our plan became that we would use whatever money we receive from our tax returns to buy a new car. We were unsure how the taxes would look due to this being the first year that we are filing without me working, also, my husband received unemployment benefits and was out of work on and off. We were uncertain how much would be there.

Then the unexpected happened. Our main reliable car that gets us from A to B, well, that broke down. Something within the engine that would ultimately cost us close to $2000 to repair. We didn't have that much money lying around so onto the credit card we went. How are we going to afford the mini-van now?! Regardless, we needed to trust. We needed to have faith that God is our help and our provider. He will satisfy this need.

The day finally came that we were able to go in and get our taxes done. Nervous and worried as well as anxious. The tax preparer finally shows us how much we'll get from Federal. I can't speak. Plus, the amount from state. Don't cry, Becky. Don't cry. God you are so good. I look at my husband and can tell he has the same emotions going through him as well. God you went beyond what we expected.

Ultimately, due to God's goodness and grace we should have enough to buy a mini-van for our family, fix another car that we own (then sell it), then pay off one of our credit cards, and possibly have enough to place into savings. We were floored and knew that this would not have happened without God's willingness to provide after we had the willingness to trust in him. Thank you Jesus!

I love when something amazing happens and then you are able to have conversations that directly reflect that. I go to an amazing Mommy Bible Study group and today we talked about having a spirit of gratitude. Some days I feel that I am doing much better with this. Then there are other days where I am bitter that my great family is not blessed in the ways that I want us to be blessed! (I'm ridiculous I know). But I am going to take the Joy Dare that is on Ann Voskamp's website and begin recording the things that I am thankful for that the Lord was gracious enough to place into my life.

Here is the link to the March Joy Dare:

Among all of those moments I love what happened when we left the tax place and got into the car. My husband and I looked at eachother, reached for eachothers hands and together prayed and thanked God for providing and going above and beyond what we could have expected. I cried too. During this moment our 5 year old is sitting in the backseat witnessing it all. Over dinner I explained to him that God did something really great for our family. We need to thank our God because every good and perfect gift comes from him. I love moments that I can teach Iden about the character of God. That God loves and provides.

Today I am so thankful. <3


  1. you are very very strong my dear! I love your header ;) and your song

  2. Ohhh I have goosebumps! Praise praise God!! He is so good, all the time!! LOVE hearing stories like this!!!!

  3. Thanks for this, Becky :-) He truly is amazing, and so is your little family! <3