Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, life is just crazy. I planned on doing the Joy Dare and keeping track of the many little and amazing things that God has blessed me with. Then I got sick and was lethargic and in bed for almost an entire week. I didn't write anything down, I didn't take any pictures (I also wanted to start doing a picture a day). But, I was able to rest thanks to my wonderful hubby. I was able to still read my daily bible reading... or have it read to me thanks to my Kindle Fire.

I keep saying that I want to blog more. I am actually going to schedule times and days for me to get this done. Sounds crazy but I think I need time to write, vent, show thankfulness, share about my family and maybe even brag/share about the craftsy and organizing things that I'm doing. Tuesday I think (it might change) will be for updates and Thankfulness. Thankful Tuesdays? Yeah, I'm feeling it.

Well, I already told you about the goodness of God in providing for us financially in a time that we really, REALLY needed it. He is so good. Well, he is continuing to show his goodness and provide for us in the process of searching for a new family vehicle. Currently we have a little Honda Civic. We love it. It worked for us when we were a family of 4 and only needing to load up 2 kids in 2 carseats. But now, very soon, we will have 3 little men in 3 carseats. Woah! That wouldn't fit in the Civic. We knew we needed another vehicle before our smallest guy gets here.

We prayed that God would provide the finances. He did. He is so good. Now we were praying that God would provide the right vehicle at the right amount. He is doing that. I posted a quick status on Facebook about needing a mini-van under $5,000 if anyone knows of good deals let me know. Within minutes a great friend replied that they are needing to sell their van to get something bigger. All of the details are falling into place and I truly know that it is God working to provide and show us that we are not forgotten. We are so very thankful for this family that is in our lives and the right circumstances at the right time.

Those are some big things that I am thankful for... I need to be thankful for the little things as well.

* My children. Goodness they are so beautiful.
* Prayer with my husband in the morning. It feels my heart with so much joy.
* Coffee. Man, 4:30/5:00 sometimes comes too early.
* Little kicks from a little baby. We have decided on a name and I cannot wait to hold him.
* Less than 7 weeks left to enjoy pregnancy. Praise God this baby is coming soon!

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. So excited to keeping up with you guys through your blog and I'm SO glad that God is working in your lives. HE IS GOOD!