Sunday, August 19, 2012

Iden: Your next Chapter

Oh, sweet love. Tomorrow is a big day for you and I don't think you really realize it. Kindergarten. And not the half day stuff that daddy and I did when we were kids... no, this is the big boy all day stuff.
You are taking a backpack and filling it with new things to learn and know. Things that I hope you'll be excited to run home and show me at the end of the day.
You are taking a lunch. I won't be there to hold your hand at lunch time and hear you thank God for your food and family. I won't be there to lecture you to focus on your food or tell you not to tilt your chair. But I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you and hear what you and your friends have to talk about at lunch time. Star wars and super heros will probably be main topics.
You are making new friends. Flashbacks are flooding me of fears that I had of school. Then I met Jordy and we were able to take on the world in Kindergarten. So many memories came from that friendship that was made by the swings. I'm excited to hear your stories of your friendships. To see them grow. To have the sleep overs and playdates begin. I don't know how I will be able to keep up.
I am kind of saddened that when you get a scraped knee or elbow that I won't be the one that is there to clean you up and kiss away the hurt.

This is the start to great things, Iden.

You are amazing.
You are smart.
You are strong.
You are brave.
You are unique, wonderful and everything that God created you to be.

I am forever proud of you.

I love you, sweet child.

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  1. Oh I cried reading this :) Sweet Iden! YOur first day will be so awesome <3 <3