Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Gage,

Oh sweet boy. You are my little wild man. You are my adventurer. Fearless. Looking to always get off the couch in the hardest, most dangerous way possible. I love that God made you this way. You truly are one of a kind and all boy. The other day we went to a party at the park... you, little mister (not even a year and a half yet), were trying to keep up with big brother... who also was trying to keep up with the big boys. It fills my heart with so much joy to see you running through the grass trying to catch big brother... wanting the big boys to toss you the ball. Seeing you laugh and smile while you, little one, are the center of attention. Not too long later, you left the fun with the big boys. You found a spot in the sand to play by yourself. I hope that as you grow older you will always remember to find this time to rest and pray and be alone with God. I hope that despite the attention, the fun, the adventure, the spotlights... you will take a moment to rest and focus on your amazing creator who made you 'all boy'.

Today we had our first big moment of discipline. Breaks my heart thinking back and seeing your tears. Your little brother Knox was in the baby swing. You love your brother so very much. But, you also love this swing. It has become a favorite spot for you to sit with your blankie. You have pretty much claimed it yours.
While mommy and daddy were cleaning, you decided to pick up and move brother out of YOUR swing. Well, maybe you were trying to pick him up to hug him.. yeah, we'll go with that. Regardless, baby Knox ended up on the floor and you ended up in tears. Of course, Knox is fine. We gave him a little snuggle and he was back in the swing. You spent some time in timeout on the couch and were back to playing in no time. You are my little pleaser. You can't stand when we tell you 'no'. You burst into tears and the world comes to an end. Goodness I love you.

Love you to the moon and back!

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