Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today is a very sad day. I childhood friend of mine was taken from this earth much too soon. The details of his death are shocking and I can't grasp my brain around the fact that this really happened. It seems like something that you'd hear about on the news or on an episode of CSI... not something to happen in real life to a great young man that has his whole life ahead of him.
I have known Michael since Kindergarten. We were babysat in the same home daycare before and after school. We would joke about it every now and then. We had several years in elementary school that we had the same teachers. Middle school we were in different schools. High School we reconnected.... not until the end when we were hanging out with all the same friends. He had such a great attitude and humor. He could always lift your spirits. My fondest memory of Michael is when I was pregnant with my first son four years ago... We were at a wedding and he would not leave my side because he wanted to keep rubbing my belly! It was sweet and hilarious.
The odd thing is that Friday morning I randomly thought about him (because someone was rubbing my belly) and immediately started wondering how he was doing... I feel like I should have reconnected with him on Facebook or asked a friend how he was, tell him I say hello... but I shrugged it off.

I know that he is in a better place. He touched many peoples lives and has left lasting impressions on many. Please keep him, his family & his friends in your prayers.

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