Friday, October 15, 2010

Ordinary Moments

I love taking in this day to day life. Things are not necessarily perfect and no we are not living the American Dream but we are on the road to happiness. Obstacles seem to be thrown at us from every direction, but guaranteed they can't and won't bring us down. We're stronger than that.

Today was great. Nothing amazing about it at all, but it was great. A day spent with my son and my husband and feeling content and happy. Iden said it was the best day ever. The best part of it was going to the park and seeing Phillip and Iden run and play and laugh. I can close my eyes and see it all in slow motion. I sat in the sun and just smiled and was able to take it all in. My son loves this man so much and vice versa. It's so beautiful to see them bond.

I love moments like this. Moments where I am here. I am not at work feeling rushed and stressed and overwhelmed. I am not on the other end of the phone hearing about the laughter and great times. I am here. I am no longer missing out on the moments, I am living in them.

To all the mom's and dad's out there... be here. Be a part of those ordinary day-to-day moments. Life is so beautiful.

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